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Nottingham, MD 21236


Tel_   (443)5630465

About Me

Hello, my name is Ayman and I’m currently a fifth year architecture student at Penn State University. The work presented on this website unfolds my passion for art and architecture. Throughout my growth and development in the architecture program at Penn State I’ve found the most enjoyment when designing not just an architecture but a story and the unique narrative that belongs to the people. An architecture driven by a rich narrative that illustrates and celebrates the unique characteristics belonging to the people of a special place. Regardless of the scale of a project, attention to details and sustainability are areas of design I’m excited to explore and research as I progress and mature in the field of architecture. An extension of my work as an architecture designer would be described to many as art, however to me the two are synonymous.

The work presented is a result of life spent through traveling from one place to another. I was born in Baghdad, raised in Jordan and currently live in Maryland, US. I also had the chance to visit a variety of art and architectural places in countries like Japan, Korea, Italy, Germany, France, UAE and Puerto Rico.

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