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The intention of this project is to design a prototype for communal living in the

Kensington area (Philadelphia, PA). The project serves as an aid for the community to create a proactive engagement between the community and the youth in a live/ study environment. Utilizing this environment creates a mutual inspiration and motivation between the youth and the community. The formal arrangement creates overlapping spaces that are both private and public. Public spaces were arranged in the designs first floor while private spaces were elevated in the second and third floor. The building was spatially designed in a set of hierarchal spaces. The spaces gradually progress from larger gathering spaces to more structured controlled spaces. Starting From two large assembly spaces once as in enclosed courtyard, the other as a lecture forum. The structured spaces are designed as in studios that are attached to a small gallery and a teaching kitchen that is connected to a small dining space. Materiality of the building consists of a concrete thermal load bearing walls that supports a ribbed joists system for assembly spaces while it supports hollow core planks for structured spaces. Contextually, the design integrates terra cotta facades that complement the existing brownstone and brick of the Kensington area.

Communal Living

Fall 2014

Philadelphia, PA / / 15 weeks

Selected to be permanently exhibited at the Philadelphia Penn State Center.

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